Unique audiovisualexperiences

Since 2003 Kaleo has been developing unique audiovisual experiences for all screens, with a sensory and creative touch by offering these rare specialties :
staging memories, conveying emotions, telling real stories or serving a purpose.

Science, culture and audiovisual concepts thus meet at the crossroads of poetic, narrative and interactive lines.

Kaléo has a plural dimension, combining graphic, digital, cinematographic and documentary cultures.

Aqualis Bourget Lake
City of Space Astronauts Exposition by Kaléo
Terre d'Estuaire the shipwrecks by Kaléo
City of Space La Cupola by Kaléo
City of Space by Kaléo
Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema by Kaléo
Hologram Didier Daurat The Flight of the Pioneers by Kaléo

Immersion & narration

Kaléo develops audiovisual and digital experiences at the heart of exhibition or new media scenographies with a sensory and creative touch.

Films and graphic animations

Touch applications,
optical theatre

Audiovisual devices 360°




Prestigious references

Our skills in cultural and scientific mediation

As a sign of the very high quality of our services, here is a non-exhaustive list of clients who have placed their trust in us !

  • Mucem

  • Quai Branly Museum

  • City of Space

  • Cavern of the Pont d’Arc – Grotte Chauvet

But also many National Parks and Interpretation Centres.

Our teams also work with private structures and brands such as :
Publicis, Evian, Sanofi, Somfy, to design and produce original digital experiences.

Museum of Art and Industry of Saint-Etienne - War 14-18 - by Kaléo
Caverne du Pont d'Arc-Grotte Chauvet - Kaléo
Land of Estuary The Shipwrecks by Kaléo

New writing

Kaléo also develops

A production centre serving new writing with interactive fiction, VR, known and future emerging forms…

We accompany passionate authors and directors, following a specific line, oriented towards history, memory, culture, narrative, graphic and sound experiments.

  • Passion

  • History

  • Memory

  • Culture

  • Experimentation

“We approach the writing process with an eye for messages and contexts, be they scientific, historical or cultural…”.

Museum of Art and Industry of Saint-Etienne - War 14-18 - by Kaléo